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Labelink: http://www.polymorphic-music.co.uk

Music Style: independent, techno, minimal, ambient, electronic, guitar based, improvised


Polymorphic netlabel - freeform sounds.

The primary goal of this site is to showcase the work of the associated artists and give our visitors a quality port of call for free online sounds. It is open ended in that we welcome contribution from any like minded heads.

You can keep up to date with our news by subscribing to our RSS feed. Alternatively subscribe to the newsletter. We'll let you know when there's new stuff to hear.

We also have a podcast offering our releases and mixes. We plan to expand this to a netlabel filter to include other releases of interest from the netlabel community.

The music on the site is available via a high quality MP3 stream. All that's required is the Flash plugin for your chosen browser. You'll need a decent connection speed though. 56k probably won't be quick enough for flawless operation but you could still download some of the files and listen offline.



HAL, Level, Sintieron, Impossible Flower, Grounded Circle, Sepia Hours, Gareth Dickson


  • The Impossible Flower - Each Year Of Our Lives
  • HAL - The Raw Deal EP
  • Level - Shimmer
  • Sintieron - The Illusory of the Imagined Unreal
  • Level - Cycla
  • HAL - Polymorphic Sampler March 2003
  • HAL - Organisms
  • Grounded Circle - Incoherent
  • Level - Shalan
  • Sepia Hours - Linear Smooth Changes
  • Hyperlanguage Promo - Hyperlanguage
  • Spatial - Low and Feary EP
  • Gareth Dickson - Sampler

Level and Sepia Hours live at Netaudio London 06


Gareth Dickson live at Netaudio London 08

Additional Information:

  • mp3 files in 128kbps for stream / download.
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